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Straight Talking

The doc may be small, but she doesn’t believe in small talk. The facts are itemised.

It is Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, follicular.

It is demanding treatment, no Watch and Wait for husband.

The pelvic lump is bulky, and there are signs of NHL above and below his diaphragm, and on opposite sides of his body it’s Stage 3, bulky.


Would that it was that simple though, there is a study. PETRea Do you want to take part? Here is the information. Read it and decide. We will see you in 2 weeks and proceed from there.

Oh yes. Don’t catch Covid, you will die. What? We had covid right at the start of the pandemic. We are immune, he is immune. Well, actually it turns out that he might not be as blood cancers can destroy your immune system. So what does this mean? It means that he must ‘shield’. That he must avoid people. Socially distance. Be Mr Very, Very Careful. That wasn’t the worst news though, I was included in the advice. The message being, you can’t die but you can kill him. You are also in social isolation. CEV. My husband is propogating acronyms. He has NHL and he is CEV, clinically extremely vulnerable.

‘Thank you’. Yes. That’s what we said, ‘thank you’.

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