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Sound and vision

Sitting here, listening to, sometimes watching whatever Hubby has flicked to on the box. I looked up in time to catch the new Cadburys Flake  advert, I love it. Had no idea what it was for until the end but the makers have succeeded in imprinting on me the impression of  a light, floaty, ethereal confection.

‘The Dutch will be asking the Brazilians a lot of questions.’ This came at the end of yet another football match. What? The image flew through my brain of the Dutch chasing their opponents around the pitch and it being some type of mobile, international quiz night. I think the Brazilian players are going to be rather distracted by this new tactic. Good plan Holland.

‘…my erection gallery’. I had to wait until the next break to confirm that I had just heard that, and that it was referring to male anatomy. I had and it was, but it wasn’t aimed at middle-aged me, no it’s for teenagers. Some sort of sex education programme. It wasn’t like that in my day when reproduction was discussed, rabbits figured quite prominently, but it didn’t seem to make us any less knowledgable.

iPad. Nothing to say except ‘I want one’. This is an extremely cynical attempt by a desperate woman to have some corporate reader contact me and ask me to review an iPad. So far I haven’t responded to people asking me to review products on my blog, that could change should an electronics company, like Apple, happen to email me begging me to try out the iPad and write a review. Of course they would insist I kept it afterwards, complete with all the apps.

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I would like everyone who reads this to remember that on two seperate occasions I  have expressed my concerns to the doctors about the size of the baby and DIL’s ability to give birth to a baby bigger than Evie.

DIL’s waters broke at 16.45. They bought Evie around to us at 17.30 and, since there were only tightenings, they went off to the hospital whilst I stayed at home and gave Evie her dinner. At 18.20 son phoned and said that I should get over there soon as the contractions had started. Off I flew and, of course, encountered every super-cautious driver ( the ones who need an all clear from 2 miles away before they will pull out at a junction) I got to the hospital just before 19.00 hours.

I walked in to hear the midwife encouraging DIL to push, whilst the labouring Mum was inhaling deeply on the entonox. Gosh that was fast, nothing to pushing in an hour! Baby was moving down slowly, very slowly. The midwife and I exchanged glances. Baby’s head started to appear, and then stopped. Much encouragement and his head was born, just. Another contraction and baby didn’t advance at all. The midwife pulled him, he didn’t shift. Whilst the midwives lifted DIL legs back (McRoberts) I dropped the back of the bed and pulled the emergency buzzer, we had a shoulder dystocia.

Within 20 seconds the room had filled with midwives, obstetricians and paediatricians. After a tense few minutes, felt like 10, was really only 3, out came my new grandson, very shocked but after a minute he opened his mouth and let us know that he was fine. DIL didn’t seem to realise anything much untoward had happened, son was quite stunned.

Labour ward was full to bursting, 18 rooms of women in labour or who had recently given birth. Both the on-call community midwives had been called in but even so staffing was not covering the influx so I got on with weighing baby, 8lbs 9ozs, and measuring his head circumference, 37 cms. When DIL started bleeding rather more than we would wish I was left to observe and react. The bleeding slowed down to normal levels by 22.30, DIL was fine and baby had breastfed almost constantly since he was born. I bid them all farewell and returned home.

At 23.30 son texted to let us know that our grandson now had a name, William Joseph, and that Mother and son were doing well.

Evie had gone off to sleep well for grandad and didn’t wake until 5.45am. Unfortunately I had not gone to sleep well, my brain was churning over the evenings events, alternately thanking god for a positive outcome and plotting retribution on the doctors who had dismissed my concerns, so I had managed about 2 hours sleep before Evie woke me from my slumbers.

It is Thursday, so round came the boys to join Evie in the chaos of my sleep-deprived home. Son came and collected his first born at 11 so they could introduce her to her brother, who was now called Joshua William. Unfortunately I had spent the previous 5 hours teaching her to say ‘William,’ so there is definitely going to be some confusion there! The staff had advised DIL that she would not be able to leave until Joshua had been thoroughly checked by the paediatricians to ensure that there was no nerve damage or fractures resulting from his dramatic birth but they were hoping to be home by mid-afternoon.

At 16.30 son phoned to say that the docs had checked baby and he had not suffered any damage, but he does have a heart murmur so they can’t go home. I contacted Hubby who abandoned the golf course in favour of visiting his new grandson, I was stuck at home with the boys and Amy, tired and weepy, me not them!

At 18.30 Hubby arrived home, with Evie, her Mummy and Daddy were waiting for Joshua to be reviewed again. Thankfully I had been blessed with a second wind so we had a lovely time, dinner, bath and much chatting. Then the phone rang, it was son saying that the paediatricians had reviewed baby and……..he was fine so they would be leaving the hospital imminently and would pick Evie up on the way home.

That’s it then, the birth and first 24 hours in the life of my seventh grandchild. DIL appears well and oblivious to how much of a scare she and Joshua gave us. Her coccyx has been displaced again so sitting is painful and it’s very early, pre-baby blues days but presently she regards this labour as a better experience and ‘less traumatic’ than Evie’s labour and birth!

Joshua William, born at 19.19 hours on 23.06.2010

Joshua William – born at 19.19 hours on 23.06.2010

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A rush of…….

The match finished and DIL’s membranes broke.

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Thumb twiddling

Yes, that’s right, junior has still not put in an appearance. After the hustle and bustle of last Tuesday everything has gone very, very quiet. Tension has been mounting. It’s Mummy and Daddy are devoid of finger nails and this Nanny is certain that the grey will soon start to overcome the purple hair dye. After much agonising over how to approach the problem I rang the consultant clinic and discussed the situation with the lead midwife. She was as flummoxed as me and decided that the best way forward would be for the obstetrician to see DIL, which he did within 4 hours. A scan revealed that baby is head down, a doppler indicated that the placenta is still behaving in a healthy fashion, an internal examination showed that things were still as they were last week, ie the cervix is 5cms dilated, thin and stretchy and the baby’s head is still 3 cms above spines. The plan? Wait and see. DIL has another appointment in  a week at which point they will discuss induction of labour.

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Make your mind up

Dear unborn grandchild

I know I asked you to hang on yesterday but I did only mean until my clinic had finished. You are now disrupting your Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Sister’s,  Aunt’s, Grandad’s and my life with your stop, start behaviour so you really need to either settle down or to make more of an effort to come out and meet us all. Your Mummy is getting tired now as you have let her have very little sleep for the last 24 hours; your Daddy is attempting to work from home; and your sister is being driven around the county, by Grandad, to spend time with either your Aunt or me, whichever one of us isn’t working.

If you get a move on now it would be brilliant as, other than picking your cousin Amy up from school this afternoon, my schedule is free. However, if you continue to muck about I might just go into meltdown mode as tomorrow is exhausting Thursday when I look after Amy and her twin brothers. Juggling everything will be nigh on impossible, and will all fall to Grandad who has a bad back at the moment, I’m not even sure that logistically he can do it all, Amy, Evie and the boys on the school run, rather him than me!

So junior, tonight would be wonderful, even if we do miss our Wednesday curry. Tomorrow, please, please just have a rest. After that there is a clear run through until Monday but, if you come then I will not be there as I have an important hospital appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you,

lots and lots of love from

Nanny x

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Next grandchild appears to be making preparations for it’s birth. DIL has been tightening for 24 hours, the cervix is 3 cms dilated and she is now looking distinctly uncomfortable. I’ve asked that baby slows down a bit until after my clinic  but then they will have my undivided attention.

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All in a week

Sunday – My set-top box stopped working, not the end of the world unless you are an insomniac. I’m a cross little nocturnal creature recently ‘cos I thought that my sleepless nights were practically over. Yes, there would still be the odd night when sleep eluded me but on the whole I could visit the land of nod without too much travelling now the joy of a good nights kip has disappeared and so being able to flick through multiple channels went some way to ameliorate the frustration of missing out on some decent dreams.

Monday – Izzy was admitted to hospital with ‘an overwhelming infection’. For the previous 24 hours she had been running a temperature but then the screaming started. Clutching her tummy, saying her back was hurting and a temperature spiking into the 40’s. Blood tests, urine tests and chest X-Rays followed, pneumonia was finally diagnosed. Weird though as no cough.

Wednesday – I was rushing to get ready to go out, running late and wet hair. Grabbed my hairdryer, started using it and….bang, one defunct hairdryer.

Friday – Today I did 2 loads of washing, lovely drying weather so put it out on the line. Later I was standing at the kitchen sink, looked out of the window and after a few minutes realised that something was missing, the rotary washing line, complete with all the washing was no longer upright, it was reclining on the grass.

Saturday – I will be stuck in the hospital covering the drop-in clinic. Blow, blow, blow. It’s the Queen’s birthday and there will be the fly-past and I really love hearing and seeing it when they go over our house afterwards, and I’m going to miss it because I’m spending the day doing the part of my job I dislike the most, busy clinic 9am to 5pm with no break.

The set-top, hairdryer and clothes line have all been replaced, Izzy is back home, pale but recovering. Next grandchild has not appeared yet. Due to a difference in opinion over when babys due it could now be a week late, or there might still be two weeks to wait.

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I received this email a few days ago
Hi – I’ve just had a terrible experience with EasyJet (which I assume is the airline you refer to in your blog about the F2F certs). They allowed us to board on the way out with a doctor’s letter from 3 weeks previous to the date of our flight, but on the way back denied us boarding, as the letter was ‘out of date’.

Nowhere on their terms and conditions have I been able to find anything to suggest that there was a time-limit for such letters/certs. You refer to a 5 day rule, but I haven’t been able to find that anywhere. Can you point me in the direction of this ‘rule’?

I followed the link I had provided in the relevant post, and soon found that EasyJet have changed their policy and now the low-cost airline are demanding the professional be more specific – 

“When travelling between 28 – 35 (inclusive) weeks a medical certificate issued by a doctor or midwife confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy is required confirming that the passenger is fit to fly. It is important that the certificate covers the date (dates) of your travel.”

Well, as a result I can confidently assure any of my women who are travelling with EasyJet that I wil be unable to provide a cerificate which will be accepted by that airline. I am happy to provide a letter which states that, in my opinion, on the day I examined the pregnant woman she was fit to fly. I will never, ever provide a letter or certificate which says that 2 weeks after I have seen a woman, and following what may be a hectic, tummy bug filled holiday, the situation will remain the same and she will still be fit to fly. In fact, my advice will be to fly with a different airline!

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