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Our journey goes on. The chemo finished in April 2021 and husband had a PET scan.

Now, this Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is a tricky little bastard. A sufferer is never cured. What happens is remission. A person with NHL, who has achieved remission, is a dormant volcano. All their nodes, lumps and bumps are non-active, there are no active foci on Positron Emission Tomography scan. Excellent news, we had seen off the beast. Now there would be 2 years of maintenance treatment using one of the chemo drugs. A quick visit to the hospital every other month.

I’d love to report that life returned to normal. It didn’t, I’m not sure if it ever can. Covid is lurking, ready to pounce if we relax. Back in January he caught the dreaded Coronovirus. The NHS responded amazingly. Positive LFT, positive PCR and 24 hours later the local hospital phone and invite him in for a monoclonal antibody infusion. Husband has now had 5 vaccines, still we don’t feel ‘safe’. It really doesn’t help that to go on holiday we will have to pay £300 for single-trip insurance. What should be the time of our lives, the reward for a life of working, is turning out to be the worst time of our lives.

Can it get much worse? There is a global economic down-turn, Russia has invaded Ukraine and I have suspicions that the UK is being governed by a lunatic. Six weeks ago husband complained that his back was hurting. He has an impressive history of back issues, compressed disk, nerve damage, foot drop, loss of sensation. He diagnosed pain due to compression of the sciatic nerve. Oh yes, Dr Google has nothing on my beloved when he has his white coat nearby. I was delighted that he had an appointment up and coming with his consultant because me, the harbinger of doom, was suspicious that it was the pelvic mass on the move. That there was a shifting in the magma chamber.

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