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Lost E-Cig

Cripes. In my last post, at the tail end of last year I had given up smoking. I have still given up smoking, not one cigarette has approached my lips. According to my quit app it is now 252 days, since I last smoked and I have saved £1,889. The app is good, initially. It really helped me in those dark, shakey days, seeing the money I had saved. It does nothing now, I can go for weeks without accessing it. The not smoking has become easier, the habit is obviously diminishing, but I still miss having a cigarette. On holiday recently there were a lot of people smoking, and now all packets of cigarettes look the same the old familiar pack sits there, a metre away, tempting you with that instant relax.

Years ago I bought an e-cig, a Neo. Sleek, black, perfectly balanced. No strange little bottles containing flavoured liquids for me. I had tidy little cartomisers, beautifully presented in smooth, clear, perspex containers.

My Neo resided in different drawers, I never got round to quitting and then, years later, it was put into use. It was my companion. Rarely used, but always there should a hit of nicotine, an exercise in inhaling, be required. Being a born worrier I thought I needed a spare. Supposing the battery broke, or I lost it. I wandered into shops enquiring into the possibility of purchasing a new one. All to no avail. Discontinued. One shop had a couple of cartomisers, I bought them. A stash. Then it happened. My Neo disappeared. I had it at the village society summer fete. I think I took it to the pub. High low, in pubs, in cars, handbags and drawers I hunted. I looked at other e-cigs. Oval, triangular, flat, not right. Then I found one, a Blu, it looked right. Hurrah. I went to order it and a supply of cartomisers. Strawberry, menthol, no tobacco. Alarm bells. This is something about to be discontinued. Back to hunting. Then it happened. Went out for a wander with Hubby, Daisy the cat decided she should accompany us. Not something to be encouraged given her predilection for rolling around in the middle of the road so we headed back home via a footpath we rarely use, and there it was. My Neo. Lying on the footpath.

Recharged, new cartomiser. It’s there. My spirit has lifted.

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