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Yesterday I went to London for the day. I caught several tube trains, visited a Costa Coffee and had my appointment at an hospital, no sightseeing for me. Yes, my mini-saga with the Choose and Book system has ended. It has only taken 24 weeks and countless phone calls but I have met the consultant (very pleasant) and the treatment is planned. My feelings now are that things have happened as I would have expected, if it were not for Choose and Book and government targets which gave me false impressions and expectations. Let’s scrap Choose and Book, bet it costs a lot of money, and go back to what we know and understand, an appointment through the post.

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Protected: A little white lie

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Halloween Birthday


We are just coming to the end of a busy weekend. Whilst Hubby (bless him) played golf on Saturday morning I prepared everything for a typical English meal we would be having that evening. Just after lunch I dressed as a witch and drove over to son’s house for Evie’s birthday party where ghosts, vampires, other witches and a pumpkin princess greeted me. At 6pm I zoomed home and Hubby and I began to create a farewell meal of roast beef, yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings followed by apple pie and custard for ex-BIL who is emigrating to the USA and was spending his last ‘blighty’ hours with us. Niece and her fiance, who is just back from a year in Afghanistan, were bringing him over to us and were joining us in the leaving meal. It was a good evening, reminiscing, laughing, pondering and talking about his future wife and her family.

Late morning found us making our way to the airport for ex-BIL to fly-off to the States. He was excited but nervous as well, I’m not surprised as it is a huge step. We dropped him at the airport and I did feel quite sad giving him a farewell bearhug, he promises to visit us with his new wife next year but lots can happen in a year. I’ve lost my computer saviour and a good friend but he did leave me with a lovely Sony camera, he knows my penchant for snazzy little gadgets.

After dropping BIL off we carried on to a christening. It was the first baby of one of Hubby’s employees, he has been with us since he was 16, he is now 40, so he is more like family than an employee. It was a lovely ceremony, the priest was great and the party they had afterwards to celebrate was lovely.

Now we’re home, shattered. I’ve just spent an hour doing my stats, timesheet and mileage and now I’m about to use Google translate to help me with some key phrases I will need tomorrow when I book a Polish woman who speaks no English, ‘poloznej w tarapatach’.

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