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I am on a high because I passed the drugs calculations. I have been so worried about this and had managed to convince myself that I was going to muck it up so now I’m really relieved that I beat my demon. I was just speaking to son and told him the good news, he rather poured cold water over my joy by putting it into perspective, ” well really Mum I would hope that you would be 100% correct when calculating drug dosage”. I know, I know, he is absolutely right.

They decided to spring another surprise on us, a practical and theoretical test on newborn resuscitation. We usually just have an update once a year, now though many of our mandatory days also incorporate ‘tests’ to prove that learning has taken place, apparently it’s a CNST requirement. Every time we have an update something has changed slightly, today’s new facet was placing a premature baby into a plastic bag as it enters the world. These are not specialist plastic bags, oh no, any old bag as long as it is suitable for use in a microwave, not that we have the intention of putting babies into microwaves, it’s just the bag has to be heat-proof. I am pleased to relate that I also made the grade on resus skills, good job really as I’m a community midwife attending homebirths.

Long day, but ultimately reassuring and productive. The relative isolation is one of the downsides of working constantly in the community, it’s easy to get into a rut so these mandatory days are good as they pull you up, make you re-assess and update your practice and provide an opportunity to interact with your hospital based colleagues.

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