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Men! There they are having their ‘male menopause’, poor dears, it must be terrible to have to cope with getting older, increased ear and nasal hair and fatigue. It’s no wonder that they are so dismissive of the female menopause, after all hot flushes are hardly equal to trimming super-long hair within facial cavities.

Yes, I’m feeling miffed. Yesterday I saw my Consultant and asked him if it was usual that women would have an instant menopause following my, non-gynae, operation. He chuckled and said that he had never encountered it before and then proceeded to reassure me that there was no connection. How did he know this? Well, apparently I am older than his wife and she’s had her menopause, he ‘doesn’t think that it caused her any problems, just the odd flush’. I’m lucky, according to this man, no mucking about with missed periods, just stopping, at least I ‘know where I am’.

I was careful not to let him know how disruptive I was finding the little inconveniences surrounding my female menopause, after all he might be having his own major, male menopause. 

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