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Competitive consumer

Today was Amy’s sports day, nothing like the sports day of old, all terribly PC, no competitiveness, much equality practiced here. Makes me smile really, after all life is competitive so when are these little humans going to become acquainted with the harsh reality of striving to achieve and do better within the workplace. It’s ridiculous really, we are hosting the Olympics this summer, an example of world-wide competitiveness, team and individual pitted against each other, but our school children are not encouraged to compete against each other whilst still remaining friends. 

Fridays are shopping days, supermarket shopping, think blue and red and that’s where we go. Hubby and I gather our bags together and complete a little ritual, the same route, the same day to day necessities. I go onto autopilot, but today I was pulled up short. Wandering around Hubby started laughing, ‘that’s four times you’ve taken your cardigan off and then put it back on’. Ritual, yes hot flushes have become such a part of life that I’m not even conscious of the constant shedding and reapplication of clothes. Just as I was about to berate Hubby for finding my discomfort amusing, a fellow shopper went past with a little gizmo on the handle of her trolley, and she swiped a carton of cornflakes across it and then put the cereal into her shopping bag. I went green, and then noticed other shoppers, even men doing the same thing. I quickened our pace, I had a mission, shopping could become more interesting and less frustrating, I could cut out the middle man, the conveyor belt. Well, I’ve done it, I’ve registered and now I’m really excited about shopping next week, I might just have to bring the weekly shop forward. I’m so sad, a sad menopausal, purple haired womanwho is excited about scanning her own shopping.


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Keep up

Life has been busy, so I haven’t been keeping my ‘on-line’ diary up to date but I realised yesterday that I should as I used it (old blog) to date when we returned to our home after the dishwasher fire caused us to be re-housed.

Just over a week ago we had Amy’s fifth birthday party, her Mummy was terribly organised and had a schedule prepared for us to work to, puts me to shame. It appeared to go well, especially if you judge success by decibels achieved. Boy, can little girls squeal!

Other grandchildren are well. Jack is attempting a record on how many activities a 6 year old can do – football, rugby, swimming, choir and mountain biking. Amy has renamed herself, she is now Blossom and mother to all, very attentive and brilliant with those miscreants ‘the boys’. Izzy has started pre-school, not a moment too soon, looks like an angel but is trouble personified, actually, perhaps it is something to do with 2007 babies as the boys, especially Louis, are hard work. People deceived us, twins do not get easier, well they haven’t yet anyway, they are exhausting and naughty. Sometimes they are individually naughty but now they are really starting to bounce ideas off each other so will work together in some little plan to outwit Nanny. Evie is the image of her Daddy and a real little parrot in that she copies everything you say she is a bright little button, let’s just hope that the new baby doesn’t dim her too much.

All the fish given to us have died, ours appear to be well and happy so heaven only knows what that was about.

DIL saw the obstetrician again who has decided to go with the scan dates so, whilst new grandchild may be scheduled to arrive next week, it could equally be another 4 weeks plus before we meet. Please, please be born before July 5th as otherwise I shall be in hospital having my long awaited op. Yeah.

The new house next door is nearly finished. Hurrah. Dust, dust and more dust, angle-grinding the roof tiles produces and amazing quantity of the stuff which liberally coats everything.

Work is uber busy, expected though so not a surprise. Life is full of leaving dos at the moment, at least one a week for the foreseeable future, some retiring, some recalled to the mothership and some just giving up midwifery.

Beautiful weather, if you are not experiencing power surges in which case it may still be beautiful but it is not enjoyable. Last night was an excellent example, our bedroom was 80F and I could not get to sleep, too hot, too sweaty. Eventually I gave up on the marital bed and sat outside until I cooled down, I then decided to sleep in the spare bed but due to my rubbish hand and wrist joints couldn’t open the door, door handle too stiff. As I struggled to turn the handle a tropical tsunami overcame me, at this point I lost the plot and allowed my emotions, mostly self-pity, to run riot. Following this I gave up on the bed idea and flopped on the sofa where I managed 3 hours sleep. I have now made public to Hubby my desire for an air-con unit in the bedroom, the 2 fans we currently have do little other than redistribute the hot air, either an air-con or a walk in freezer.

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Fire and Ice


I just love this weather. Seriously, these sub-zero temperatures are the best thing ever. You doubt my veracity? Well, take it from this woman busy trudging her way through the menopause, having a chill in the air is the most amazing gift. Hot flush? No problem, just step outside for a couple of minutes and and you feel re-energised, and cool. Night sweats causing massive disruption? Two hours before retiring for the night open the bedroom windows, ensuring that the bed-coverings are turned right back, the cold sheets mean that if you come over all fiery before you get to sleep a slight movement to the left or right easily finds a cold area to cool you off. The cold bedroom means that if you wake to find that your whole body is rapidly gaining that toasted alive feeling and that the sweating is starting, throwing back the bedclothes rapidly eases the discomfort,  helping you to fall back to sleep. I’ve also found that if I turn the heating thermostat down as I go to open the windows the effect is better. Okay, so Hubby doesn’t share my joy at the ability to turn our bedroom into an impromptu fridge, he has even insisted that the windows are closed when we go to bed, philistine!

Unfortunately though my fight fire with ice solution is not such an easy option when it’s snowing. Stepping outside results in the snow not solely cooling me down but also making me decidedly damp, no where near so pleasurable. Leaving the bedroom windows open inevitably leads to mini, melting snowdrifts on the window sill and soaking wet curtains, something best avoided really.

So Mr Weather, please desist with the snow now as otherwise my only option will be to move into the wendy house at bedtime and use an umbrella when ‘popping’ outside for a minute.

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The Change – part 1

Now to the end, literally, of fertility, “the menopause, a natural life change, represents the beginning of a new phase of a woman’s life in which, with a positive attitude, she may fulfil many life ambitions that she has previously not had the opportunity to pursue”. I want to hunt down the person who wrote this trite little piece of propaganda. It’s all well and good having a positive attitude, I’m trying to, really I am but how the hell it is going to enable me to do things I’ve not got round to before, and why it should be opening up more possibilities I cannot begin to guess at.

It’s all really cheery stuff really, and not just for me but, apparently for those unfortunate enough to cross my path. My main gripe at the moment is hot flushes and also the terminology used to describe them, flushes, flashes, tropical moments, power surges. I had always interpreted these phrases as descriptive of a change in body temperature lasting a few seconds, I was wrong, ‘tropical tsunami’ is a better representation. It’s there, building slowly but inexorably, pushing forwards until it makes itself obvious by making your entire skin surface feel, and look, as if it is suffering from sun-burn and make you feel as if you are in a sauna, fully clothed. You are covered in a sweaty sheen and exhausted for about 5 minutes and, if you are me, instantly short-tempered. Your whole body is out of control, these nasty ‘symptoms’ of the change follow their own rules, there may not be one for a couple of hours and then three will come along in quick succession, and at night it’s so debilitating. I already have sleep issues, I’ve had ‘restless legs‘ for years but now I can also look forward to waking, I always wake just before a tsunami happens, and having to get up, otherwise I would make the bed damp from the sweat, and then find somewhere cool to stand until it passes. Something else happens with the instant saunas, palpitations. These are not just little flutters, they pound through your chest, it feels as if the sound of them must be resounding through the room, that your body must be jolting with their ferocity and at first it was really scary, I thought my heart might explode!

I’m attempting to be positive about these demonstrations of the changes in my autonomic nervous system and hormone levels but it is difficult, after all they are your bodies constant reminder that you are getting older, that your whole body is undergoing change, and not for the better, just a look at the diagram below tells me that!


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