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Parking at hospitals is a bone of contention or everyone, staff and patients alike. Within the Trust I work for staff have parking permits, which they have to pay for but, having a permit does not guarantee a parking place, something which seems totally unacceptable to me. In my little world if I pay for something, in advance, then I should have it. I have another issue with this, I have no choice about taking my car to work, it is a condition of my job that I use a car, in fact I can’t do my job without a car. So I am a maverick, I haven’t got a permit. I used to have one, they were free but we did have to pay a deposit, I still have the receipt and have never presented it for remuneration. Twice I have been given a parking ticket, both times were when I had a permit but I had not parked in a staff area as there were no spaces. On both occasions I remonstrated with the parking commandant attendant and neither time did I hear anything more. Today I came across this little gem about a midwife who has been issued with a parking fine at her place of work, the fine is £80. She has appealed, unsuccessfully and now her case is being supported by the local, prospective parliamentary candidate. I read the article, feeling very sorry for this midwife, interested to hear that there are parking spaces just for midwives, lucky them, we don’t even have that luxury. Anyway, back to the article, or more specifically the comments. I’m going to reproduce one of them in full as it is wonderful and really think that the content should be known by anyone who has to pay the exorbitant parking fees charged by many NHS Trusts –

There is no such thing as a “parking fine” on private land and it is a matter of contract the so called “parking tickets” issued are nothing more than “invoices” for breach of contract. The contract is implied by the signs. Without going into law of contract any of these private invoices can be legally contested and won. The company concerned is out for one thing to make money the hospital gets a very small percentage of this money. Whilst I pay when I park in the hospital I know for a fact I do not have to as I do not enter into a legally binding contract. The only cases in Court that these people have won is when the person does not turn up. I am willing to fight and win for this midwife and I will. Having done the same now a few times. It’s about time that the hospital and others are brought to book over what are actually illegal practices and threats. http://forums.pepipoo.com/ has a vast amount of information on this very subject. No private company can issue a “fine” under common law alone, the only thing that can apply is breach of contract when a contract is legally formed. However the Judge in every case that has got this far has ruled against these private parking companies as the amount charged is well above the damages done for breach of contract, if a contract is legally made. But whilst the DVLA is making money out of these people and also the income generated nothing will be done.

If the midwife has not paid then you can get her to contact me I will supply the information and template letters for her. This is no legal loophole private parking issues which are not regulated are out of control.

Regards John Stanton.

Yeah!!!! Please, please pass this info on to at least 5 others and tell them to pass it on. It’s not just the staff parking issue, it’s also those who have relatives seriously ill in hospital, many for days and weeks and for those undergoing treatment, like chemotherapy, where they have to attend daily for several hours. It’s intolerable that they should have to pay massive parking charges.

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