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Tooth problem

Being really busy at the moment, hence no posts. Have I mentioned that daughter is getting married, well the countdown is now well underway, 19 days to go and there are lots and lots of little things still to arrange. Today I went to order the balloons, no luck, the shop is closed on a Monday, oh good, I can carry that task over to Wednesday. Whilst trotting round the shops I thought I would share my concerns about a wobbly front tooth with my dentist, I am becoming increasingly neurotic about it and certain that it will fall out the night before the wedding. Luckily my dentist (wonderful man + NHS) is used to emotional women and realised that the best thing to do would be to stop the wobbling, immediately. So, having told Hubby I was just nipping out to order balloons and buy some munchies for my  ‘rubbish’ cats, I found myself reclining, under the spotlight, whilst my knight in a blue tabard splinted my errant front, top tooth to it’s neighbours. and having done this he then filed down my teeth with much high frequency squealing. I am now learning how to eat again, my teeth have been relocated by fractions of millimetres but that has affected the whole biting and chewing process, very weird. I am now going to have to ensure that my mouth avoids accidental contact with the boys heads as that’s what initially caused the problem. Tomorrow sees daughter and I shopping manically shoes, underwear, handbag, earrings and golf gloves, the golf gloves are intended to mollify Hubby! 

Work has been horrendous for the last two weeks, we knew it was coming though as our bookings for May are nearly three times as many as we usually have in a month. Due to the number of postnatal visits I’ve been finishing 2 hours late everyday plus not having any breaks. Clinic day was a nightmare as clinic was full plus two extras, one of which was a booking which takes an hour and generates copious amounts of paperwork. I’ve escaped a bit this week though as I’ve taken 2 days holiday so I can sort out some of the stuff for the wedding. I’m not working until the weekend but that didn’t stop work phoning me 3 times today, is that harassment?

Last weekend Amy, Jamie and Louis stayed the night with us, it’s the first time we have had all 3 and I was anxious about how it would go, I need not have worried as they were brilliant. The boys woke at about 11.30pm but I just sat between their cots and chatted quietly for a while, they soon got bored and went to sleep, not to wake again until 8am, Amy didn’t wake until 8.30. Wonderful.

Saturday was Amy’s 4th birthday party, a bouncy castle birthday party for 25 pre-schoolers. Her Mummy had nominated me as the 2nd responsible adult so I was put in charge of the trampoline. ‘Bounce on the red cross, face in that direction, no knee drops, 1 child at a time.’ Have you any idea how difficult it is for a 4 year old to bounce on a trampoline, on one spot?

Evie (six and a half months) is up on all fours rocking backwards and forwards, I give her a fortnight before she is off and crawling. Izzy is well into the ‘terrible twos’ and her Mummy is despairing, wondering where her cute little girl has gone and how long she will have to accept this changling for. I find it all entertaining, Izzy is so cute and cheeky that it is difficult not to laugh when she does something naughty.

Off now to rest up before the shopping expedition.

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