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Having dripped and sniffed my way through work yesterday, appreciating how dubious new Mums and Dads were about me going near their new baby, I have phoned in sick today. It’s sometimes quite a difficult decision when I have a cold as to whether I should work or not. Minor sniffles I will just carry on, 3 days into a cold I go in but those first two days, especially when accompanied by frequent, protracted sneezes, copious snot and a voice that sounds, and feels, as if I have been swallowing gravel makes me think that I may as well be walking around, ringing a bell and calling out ‘plague’, hardly reassuring to parents of a newborn. Apart from my concern about passing my virus on to patients there is also the fact that I am sharing my bugs with my colleagues, and then I read an article the other day about colds and driving.  Apparently, the advise is now to avoid driving if you have a cold as it may “impair a driver’s mood, concentration, reactions and judgement”. So, not only might I be a risk to my patients and colleagues if I work whilst suffering a nasty cold, I may also be a hazard on the roads!

Actually, my decision to phone in sick was not due to any thought for others, I just really don’t feel very well but do feel the need to justify my decision.

Two weeks ago Amy developed chicken-pox, yesterday Jamie sprouted one blister on his chin, today he still has just the one but Louis is covered in them. Not identical when it comes to the pox then.

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