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Having dripped and sniffed my way through work yesterday, appreciating how dubious new Mums and Dads were about me going near their new baby, I have phoned in sick today. It’s sometimes quite a difficult decision when I have a cold as to whether I should work or not. Minor sniffles I will just carry on, 3 days into a cold I go in but those first two days, especially when accompanied by frequent, protracted sneezes, copious snot and a voice that sounds, and feels, as if I have been swallowing gravel makes me think that I may as well be walking around, ringing a bell and calling out ‘plague’, hardly reassuring to parents of a newborn. Apart from my concern about passing my virus on to patients there is also the fact that I am sharing my bugs with my colleagues, and then I read an article the other day about colds and driving.  Apparently, the advise is now to avoid driving if you have a cold as it may “impair a driver’s mood, concentration, reactions and judgement”. So, not only might I be a risk to my patients and colleagues if I work whilst suffering a nasty cold, I may also be a hazard on the roads!

Actually, my decision to phone in sick was not due to any thought for others, I just really don’t feel very well but do feel the need to justify my decision.

Two weeks ago Amy developed chicken-pox, yesterday Jamie sprouted one blister on his chin, today he still has just the one but Louis is covered in them. Not identical when it comes to the pox then.

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Hot off the press, Amy has chicken pox. Essentially this is good news, until I think more upon it. Amy cannot go to nursery, her Mummy cannot go to work; it is virtually guaranteed that the boys will catch it from their sister, but not necessarily at the same time since the incubation period is anything from 11 – 20 days, the average being 14,  so the having unwell kiddies around could go on for a long, long time!

Tomorrow is Izzy’s 2nd birthday party, Izzy and Jack haven’t had varicella so tomorrow is now a ‘Chicken Pox Party’. Unfortunately Evie’s Mummy doesn’t know if she has had this childhood illness so they will not be attending the party as it wouldn’t be good news for DIL to develop CP whilst trying to care for a little baby and, if she hasn’t had the pox, Evie will not be receiving a passive immunity via breastfeeding, so she could develop it as well.

Back to little Izzy’s birthday. I had a text from her Mummy last night “This time last celebrity big brother I was pushing a little Izzy out! Ah, that makes me feel extremely emotional! x”. Reading the text bought back the memories of her homebirth and how perfect, and quick, it was. The other day I was chatting to Jack about when his sister was born and he remembers when he woke up in the morning and went into his Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom and found a ‘tiny’ Izzy snuggled in their bed, it is obviously a happy memory for him. He has never really displayed any jealousy or resentment toward his sister, she’s just his little sister. A couple of weeks ago I asked Amy’s Mummy if Amy had ever questioned why there is only one of her but two of the boys, I wondered if she might feel ‘lonely’. Her Mum reported that Amy had never shown any appreciation of the boys being twins, or expressed any feeling of being deprived by not having a sibling of her own age. This week though she said to her Mummy that she wished she was like all her friends and only had one baby brother, so she obviously recognises that her brothers are unusual. Things should get easier for her though as they become less demanding.

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