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One of our relatives has chosen Holy Saturday for his Wedding Day, in York, at 12 noon. We live 4 hours away so Good Friday will see us staying in York so we will be at the wedding on time. Easter Saturday will see us staying in York so we can enjoy the wedding festivities. Snow, up to 4 inches, is forecast for the North-East on Friday, I think York is probably round there somewhere ( not only am I useless at Maths, I am also a numbskull when it comes to Geography), I feel sorry for nephew as he will have a cold day, possibly quite slushy, for his wedding. I am now re-thinking my outfit as I have ready a definitely a cool spring ensemble, rather than a freezing winter one.

I’m quite surprised that they are able to marry in church on Holy Saturday anyway as it’s still Lent and, certainly when I was younger and well-up on Catholicism nothing, other than masses and funerals happened during Lent, and certainly not over the Easter weekend, Holy Saturday was all about the Easter vigil. As well as that the church, particularly the altar was ‘dressed’ down, the priests vestments were sombre, all that was ‘decorating’ the church was the Paschal candle. The church nephew is marrying in is ‘High’ Church of England, I know that many of their rituals are very close to Roman Catholic so things must have changed since I was closely ensconced in the church.

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