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Fuji camera

My little Fuji camera was blank, it would download, upload, flash and re-charge, but it’s photos were black with streaks of psychedelia. I was sad, but having used it copiously for 5 years I shrugged and bought a new camera, which I dislike intensely. Being a bored, recuperating, grumpy old woman I e-mailed Fuji. 10 days ago a pre-paid envelope arrived with instructions on how to send it to it’s maker. Today my camera came home, with a little note from Fuji saying sorry that my camera had broken, explaining what had gone wrong with it and telling me that it was now as good as new. Thank you Fuji – 素晴らしいてくれてありがとう。ユーアーザベストです。


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Precious photos

My lovely little Fuji camera went black a few weeks ago. No amount of encouragement would make the screen be anything other than slightly psychedelic. I e-mailed Fuji with a sad little plea, I didn’t hear back. Sadly I wrapped it back up in all it’s original packing and put it in my ‘I know you don’t work/fit cupboard, but I like you too much to just throw you away! Yes, I hoard. I bought a new camera, apparently it’s a better one, it has 8 pixels, my little Fuji only had 4, but those 4 were wonderful. I don’t love my new camera, it’s more fussy to use, it takes longer to snap a photo and it doesn’t re-charge, or have a docking station. Then I saw 2 camera’s, the same as mine on E-Bay, the seller didn’t know if they worked as they were part of a house clearance and he didn’t have the leads etc.I took a chance, bid and ‘won ‘them! Great excitement, hurrah I would have a little Fuji back. They arrived, neither of them worked. Now I have 3 broken Fuji’s. I e-mailed Fuji again, two different addresses, one e-mailed back and said that they would repair it for £50. I put my cameras, and all the accessories, on E-Bay, detailing their problem. People started ‘watching’.

Today we all went to the photographer’s studio to complete Son and DIL’s Christmas pressie to us all, the family portrait session. The poor photographer, 13 of us, 5 being 3 years old and under, absolute mayhem in a white studio. An hour and a half later we were finished, can’t wait to see the results of all the different combinations.

Came home and checked my e-mails, lots in the ‘junk’ folder including………..one from Fuji, asking me to send my details to them and they would repair my camera….free of charge. Happy, happy me! 

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That time of the year

Blow, blow. I just switched on my camera, there was light, and then there wasn’t. The screen went black, everything else worked so I took a photo, only I didn’t. I produced an image that would not look out of place in an LSD trip, psychedelic hardly does it justice! Looks like I won’t be taking any piccies this Yuletide.

The local shops have been manic, fights broke out, allegedly, over the last bag of sprouts. Oh dear.

Working Christmas Day, wonder if I will be offered any mincepies. On-call until 8.30pm, 3 homebirths due, could busy. All the family coming round on Boxing Day, busy and fun.


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