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Experienced midwife required

The BBC is looking for an experienced midwife to feature in a one-hour documentary.

The midwife selected will travel to Liberia to work alongside West African midwives. They will also be staying with their mentor’s family, to gain a picture of life outside the workplace.

The BBC are looking for midwives who are ‘good at expressing an opinion, who are up for a challenge and who aren’t afraid to open their eyes to some very different ways of living and working’.

If you are interested, please email: fiona.walmsley@bbc.co.uk or Tel: 020 8008 5794.

If only I were less of a homebody, and more of an adventurer, I would be on the phone now. Excuses, excuses but who would look after the grandchildren, and I bet that they would want me to have lots and lots of vaccinations and there are creepy, crawlies, but what an opportunity.


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