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White Christening

It’s snowing, and lying. We may not have experienced a white christmas but we will have a white christening.

The christening cake is finished, and is still in one piece. I must be mellowing with the advancing years!

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Brain frying

Is it only me or has everyone’s dashboard undergone a radical modification? I thought I was lost there for a minute.

Drug calculations, it’s not true, we don’t get the push if we fail, first time, just if we fail twice. That’s a relief! It’s all a question of remembering formulae apparently, what you want, what you’ve got times the volume, drip rates, number of drops to a ml and nano’s, I have never experienced nanos before. Then there is converting decimals to fractions to percentages, holy moly, me a dyspraxic and all (thank you cartside). Here’s a sample ” Adrenaline 1:10,000 is available on the resuscitaire. A baby needing resuscitating weighs approximately 3kg.The doctor has asked you to draw up 10mcgms/kg for him to administer. What volume of the drug would you prepare?” Answers below please.

Tomorrow Amy, Jamie and Louis are being baptised, I’m really not too sure how Amy will respond to having cold water poured over her head. As her favourite expletive is “For goodness sake”, said whilst standing with her hands on her hips, it could be quite comical. I am in the middle of decorating the cake at the moment, when finished I shall take a photo so then everyone can have a chuckle, I’m just taking a break as I am not a domestic goddess and I’m struggling not to lose my temper. Hubby is keeping out of my way, he still has vivid memories of an episode involving a fairy castle cake. I had spent hours making this cake, compete with turrets, and was not happy with my efforts. Poor man made the mistake of coming in from work and reassuring me by saying ‘ It’s not that bad’. I flipped. The cake was balanced on a kitchen stool, I raised a leg, caught the base of the cake board and my glorious creation flew upwards and then landed with a splat on the floor. I rushed past his gob-smacked figure, grabbing my car keys on the way, leapt into my little mini and drove off into the rush hour traffic. When I returned an hour later he had stuck it all back together, securing the turrets with cocktail sticks, I laughed…….until I cried. There will be no repeats of that behaviour, I don’t have a mini anymore!

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I’m starting to get panicky. After months of slobbing around I have three events which require me to be stylish, smart and elegant. At the end of March one of my nephews is getting married, at the beginning of April 3 of my Grandchildren are being baptised and, most terrifying of all, at the end of May my Son is getting married. So, first things first, lose weight. Difficult one at this moment as I am limited in the exercise I can do so it looks like it’s all down to a modified Atkins Diet. I know it works, I did it some years ago when it was the ‘in’ diet to subject yourself to, and I lost a size and a half in 4 months. Unfortunately as soon as I started to eat a normal diet the inches crept back on, and on, and on. To be honest I couldn’t give a damn what I weigh, its how I look in clothes that I worry about. Eldest daughter told me yesterday that she thought I had lost a bit of weight since the op, so that has inspired me to put some effort into it. Being realistic though I’m not starting it today as it’s Mothering Sunday and Son’s birthday meal tomorrow so indulgence will be the theme but it will start in earnest on Monday, definitely!

With it being three family ‘do’s’ I need three outfits, could be expensive and involve 3 outfits that may never see the light of day after the event. They are the wrong way round really. If Son’s wedding was first then Iwould mind being seen at the others in the same outfit, perhaps different accessories, but I’m not wearing whatever I think is most amazing outfit ever to Nephew’s wedding and then appearing at Son’s day in the same get-up. That seems wrong. So I hit upon a cost-saving plan, same outfit for 1st wedding and the baptism and buy it from E-Bay, so leaving me a good budget to buy a stunning outfit for my debut as Mother of the Groom. Once on E-Bay I typed in ‘Mother of the Bride’ and found this amazing dress

Garment Type:

Dresses Occasion: Everyday
Size: 14 Colour: Silver
    Fabric: Viscose
Leg Length: Garment Care: Hand-wash only
Style: Long Brand: HolyClothing
Condition: New: With Tags    


Truly amazing, especially as it described as ‘everyday’. I have visions of myself arriving at clinic, or even better a homebirth, the stir I would cause, I just have this real feeling that it would not inspire my women to trust me. Shame really as I bet it would be really comfortable and hide a multitude of sins and, underneath it all it would still be me, after all ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover’, but there again I suppose that ‘clothes maketh the man’ (or woman)!

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