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Touring the cybersphere I visited The Sceptical OB, oh yes Dr Amy Tuteur ex-The Homebirth Debate blogger, is writing away and as usual is thought provoking. Her latest offering is a scathing scribe about The Feminist Breeder who is going to be live blogging her homebirth, Dr Amy is not impressed by this concept, in fact she calls it ‘pathetic narcissism’. Is she right? Oh, I don’t know. TFB says that one of the reasons that she is doing it is to educate women on natural birth, presumably that is why she also posted a photo to Facebook of her positive pregnancy test even before she left the toilet. I just wonder though, are those women who agree to have their births aired on ‘One born every minute’ narcissistic? I have to admit that I haven’t even considered that before, I’ve just thought that they were brave and uninhibited. I suppose that all bloggers could all be accused, to a greater or lesser extent, of being self-involved and having a need for admiration but does that make us narcissistic? For me the similarity between TFB and me is that to we both hope to educate on a subject close to us via our blogging, but there the resemblance ends, I write and expect no remuneration. I have many companies asking me to promote their wares, to place links etc in my sidebar, but I always decline, in fact I generally just ignore them. If I ever mention a product it is because I have independently used it and feel that it is either worth mentioning, as it is good or should be exposed as it failed to impress, it isn’t because I have received either monies or gifts. TFB, now a quick perusal of her sidebars shows 12+ advertising widgets, how independent are her opinions, how unbiased is her information giving? She is honest though, she does disclose that her live birth blog is being sponsored by Brio Birth, a company specialising in childbirth education classes. Here I am the sceptic, what better way to increase traffic to a blog than to live blog and video stream a birth? What does TFB have to say about the financial aspect of her blog?  Running this ship comes with both tangible costs and opportunity costs. It takes real money to pay for the server space and domain registration that keeps this blog online. It also takes time and a great deal of effort for me to research, write, and moderate a blog with this much traffic and This is why I accept advertising sponsorships – but, and this is really important – I don’t just accept any sponsorships, and that’s what makes the ones appearing on this page so important.  You see, I am extremely picky about who I will let advertise here. Great, so she’s ‘picky’, really, but you then goes on to say But, trust me when I say that most businesses with an advertising budget are not pounding down the doors to advertise on a blog like mine. Hmm, inconsistencies here, there’s even a Feminist Shopper page which is all reviews and advertising, no wonder she spends so much time researching and writing her blog.  Oh, I don’t know, I’m just a grumpy old woman who is alarmed to find herself agreeing with Dr Tuteur.

So will I be logging on to The Feminist Breeder in April when baby is due? If I remember then I will, but I’m not setting up an alert.


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Who is she?

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to have a reasoned discussion with Dr Amy on her Homebirth Debate blog, as usual it has been unsuccessful. It’s like having a conversation with our Amy, she’s 3, you try and be reasonable, patiently explaining everything, suggesting a compromise and then realise that she is incapable of seeing the world from any other perspective than her own.

As a result of my utter frustration with this blinkered, dominatrix I decided to blog about her exultation of medicalised childbirth and started with a Google search for images of mad doctors, fighting surgeons then, realising this was especially purile, Dr Tuteur herself. I was disappointed as what came up was the image she shows on her blog so clicked ‘search the web’ instead, and up came some odd results like ‘Did you check amy tuteur’s weblogs linked under her name? All she does is rail against doctors…don’t feel too protective of her. …’  this comes from Kevin, MD  in 2006. So I clicked on his link and found a comment on a entry from Dr A, ‘The C-section rate is rapidly approaching 30%. That’s at least twice what it ought to be, and last I heard babies have not doubled in size and fetal distress has not doubled in incidence. If that’s not defensive medicine, I don’t know what is. I followed her back and discovered her alternative site Treat Me With Respect, a site on which there have been no entries since 2006 and is far more more general than Homebirth Debate and in which, when responding to commentators she is, interestingly bearing in mind the title of the blog, far more amenable.

So, on the one hand there is an MD who believes that Amy rants against Doctors in Treat Me With Respect and on the other we have a midwife (me) who knows that Amy dismisses my profession as uneducated and dangerous liars. Then we have her comment which appears to blame the rising section rate obstetrician’s fears of litigaton, that in 2006, but then just 4 days ago in an entry entitled The impact of c-section on women who are not part of the NCB culture she states ‘Clearly “natural” childbirth is beneficial for the natural childbirth industry. It’s difficult to see, though, how it is beneficial for women’  have her opinions changed or is Dr Tuteur perhaps an amalgam of different personae?

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