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Identity issue

One month ago we bought a new fridge freezer to replace our old faithful workhorse who, at 31 years old, was having difficulties keeping food frozen. There was a great deal of head-scratching over which to get as the combinations just didn’t fit our criteria. The old one had a large freezer and a small fridge, excellent for us as this domestic appliance lives in the utility room and the fridge section is only used for storing milk and alcohol and we have a larder fridge in the kitchen for everything else but now all the combinations involve a large fridge and smaller freezer. Eventually we settled on a 50/50 combination, freecycled the old appliance, with the warning that it was rather erratic and settled down to refrigeration in the 21st century.

Yesterday I took the grandchildrens dinner out of the freezer and thought that it felt slightly soft. Hmm, put the thermometer in the freezer to see what the temperature was, put an ice-cube tray in to see if it froze and waited. 2 hours later the thermometer told me the temp was -1, refrigeration level so I turned the thermostat right down. This morning my first port of call was to the white beasty, still the same. I phoned the number in the manual, yes they would come out Thursday. NO! I phoned the manufacturer. Lots of questions and then, ‘Are the door seals inflated?’ Well, I had a look and they did seem slightly flat, certainly not ‘inflated’ so I reported this back to the woman on the other end of the phone. ‘Right. What you need to do is get a hot cloth and wipe the seals to inflate them. If we send an engineer round and they aren’t inflated we will charge you for the call-out. Phone back tomorrow if that hasn’t worked’. I have wiped the seals with a hot cloth and checked for splits, neither action was in the manual as something which should be done in case of malfunction, and so far I haven’t noticed any difference, my freezer still thinks it’s a fridge.

This all seems so absurd that, rather than be irate, I just keep laughing. My freezer doesn’t work, inflate your door seals. My freezer doesn’t work, see you Thursday. My frozen food is all defrosting, well you can’t claim from us, even though it’s only 1 month old and still under warrantee, claim from your household insurance and lose your no claims. I have slipped into another dimension where the customer is always wrong.


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