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Mutually agreed resignation

So, it’s starting. ‘ …..our organisation faces significant financial challenges……..In order to respond to these challenges we must implement cost savings and efficiencies and begin to restructure the shape and size of our workforce. The Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS) is a scheme ……..which an individual employee………chooses to leave employment in exchange for a severence payment’. In other words ‘Jump before you are pushed’!

Now, the scale of payments, if you’ve worked continuously for the NHS for a year – 3 months basic salary; 8 years – 4 months basic; 12 years – 6 months and if you make 24+ then it’s 12 months. Personally, I think that you do rather well if you only worked for 1 year but it’s rather an insult, where’s the pro rata here if you’ve served for 25 years?

There is a real sting in the tail though. You can’t qualify for the payment if you have secured another NHS post at the time of leaving and you can’t start NHS work within a month of the MARS payment.

I’m finding this really scary, I feel that I’m scrabbling to cling on to my post. My angst is increased because I had a cryptic message from a colleague telling me that she needed to speak to me. My first reaction was ‘what have I done wrong’, she’s a Supervisor of Midwives, but she messaged back to reassure me that it’s not practice related but due to her desire to contact our ‘union’ (RCM) rep about the ‘changes that will be happening’. What now? More changes and obviously not for the good otherwise the colleague would not be thinking union representation. How much more can they decimate the maternity services? Anyway, I thought that the NHS was ring-fenced.

The timing is just slightly wrong. I need another year.


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