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Twin transport

This post is unsponsored and is entirely my own, unsolicited opinion.

I have been the proud owner or user of several pushchairs designed to be used by twins. The twins are now 3, they started off quite small, 6lbs and are now chunky lads of 2 stones 5lbs

Before daughter discovered that she was growing 2 babies instead of the 1 I had a Cosatto Kiwi side-by-side double buggy, advertised as being from birth. It had all the bits, raincover, footmuffs, sun-shades but was rather wobbly and it felt as if the handles may snap at any moment. This was with a 1 and 2 year old in it, so once I felt I no longer needed a buggy which would take 2 I donated it to the local charity shop. Major mistake, so I thought, when just a few months later the twins were discovered on scan.

Daughter is someone who investigates thoroughly before making a decision so every avenue was explored before she decided upon which pushchair she would buy for the boys. After much debate she made a decision, she was going to get the Jane Twin Two plus 2 rebel car seats.

She made a great choice. Lightweight, folds neatly, takes two newborns and performed problem free. The car seats slot easily onto it and are a generous size but really, really light. Very important when you are struggling to carry one in each hand.♥

I went for the side-by-side option, the Bertini Bidwell. It should have been great, but I hated it. It was huge, with the hood up I couldn’t see the front of it so was always rear-ending innocent pedestrians. Despite the 4 by 4 steering it was clumsy, and boy was it heavy and very bulky to store. Looked good, definitely eye-catching but, ultimately for me a poor choice.


By the time the boys were 6 months I had given up on the Bertini, I sold it on E-Bay and traded it in for a MacLaren Twin Techno.

I was really pleased with it, It felt sturdier than the Cosatto. It looked comfy, had two good sized shopping baskets and wasn’t too difficult to fold or store, it’s freestanding. I could manoeuvre it quite easily but I could have done with the handles not being so far apart, it’s probably better if you’re taller, I’m only 5ft 3ins. It was good when daughter went abroad on holiday as it went in the aircraft. Problem though, once the boys got to a year old I was having to run at kerbs and then jump and push down hard on the handles to get up on to the pavement, and all this with my arms wide apart. I started dreading going out for walks but then fate smiled on me, the Mum who lives opposite asked me if I wanted her Out & About Nipper, free!

What can I say? It’s easy to manoeuvre, it’s light, it fits in the boot of my hatchback, none of the others did, and folds down quite compactly.  I can zoom through woods and up and down hills. It has two baskets, not as generous as the MacClaren but large enough for bits and bobs, a potty does fit in them. Downside is that I get punctures, luckily Hubby is good at repairing them. The handlebar has foam padding which has split on the corners, purely cosmetic though, I’ve repaired it with duck-tape. ♥

Meanwhile, daughter had decided that the Jane twin two was no good for cross-country hiking so she traded it for a secondhand Jane Powertwin. (She chose Jane again as her previous one was so reliable).

It is smaller than it’s counterpart, the Twin Two, and is good for older babies or children of different ages, it can only be used for newborns with the car seats. It was certainly easier for going ‘off-road’ but the boys had less room and the one in the back found it easier to grab his brother’s hair! The front wheel gradually adopted a jaunty angle which made it difficult to manoeuvre, I refused to be left in charge of it as the twisted wheel made it go to one side so you had to fight it constantly. Daughter persevered with it until one day I returned from work and found that my beloved Nipper had gone walkabout, she had borrowed it. No way was my pushchair disappearing, EBay was searched and within the week I had another Nipper. DIL has now bought a Nipper, she has pronounced it better than her Phil and Ted’s!

So, from my experience the Nipper comes out on top.

If you find that you have twins on the way – 

  • Try out all the pushchairs. How easy are they to put up and then collapse?
  • Does it take two newborns? 
  • Remember they will not be small for very long, how easy is the pushchair to push with toddlers on board?
  • Is there enough capacity for all the bits and bobs which accompany two little people?
  • Will it fit in the car?
  • Where will you store it? Is there enough room?
  • Will it fit through doorways?
  • Shop around.  

P.S I’m not advocating Kiddicare, it’s just that they provide a video demonstration, as I said ‘shop around’.


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