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Tomorrow should be the culmination of my choose and book saga as I’m having my op, that’s if it’s not cancelled at the last minute. I’ve packed my bag, 3 books, nintendo DS and puzzle book being the most important elements, had my first chlorhexidine wash and will be starving from 7am.

Today we had a family meal to celebrate Joshua becoming part of our noisy pack, the grandchildren splashed around in the new paddling pool whilst Jack, son and Nanny stalked each other with water pistols. I started off with an unfair advantage in that I had a water blaster, unfortunately son wrestled it away from me and I ended up absolutely soaked and, as I was hiding in the utility room at the time, a great deal of mopping-up was required. The star of the day remained asleep for the majority of the time, good in that he allowed his Mummy to have her dinner uninterrupted, bad in that I wanted to have a photo of all the grandchildren together and we never achieved it.

If I blog over the next few days it will mean that my op was cancelled. I hope to be silent.

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