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Sound and vision

Sitting here, listening to, sometimes watching whatever Hubby has flicked to on the box. I looked up in time to catch the new Cadburys Flake  advert, I love it. Had no idea what it was for until the end but the makers have succeeded in imprinting on me the impression of  a light, floaty, ethereal confection.

‘The Dutch will be asking the Brazilians a lot of questions.’ This came at the end of yet another football match. What? The image flew through my brain of the Dutch chasing their opponents around the pitch and it being some type of mobile, international quiz night. I think the Brazilian players are going to be rather distracted by this new tactic. Good plan Holland.

‘…my erection gallery’. I had to wait until the next break to confirm that I had just heard that, and that it was referring to male anatomy. I had and it was, but it wasn’t aimed at middle-aged me, no it’s for teenagers. Some sort of sex education programme. It wasn’t like that in my day when reproduction was discussed, rabbits figured quite prominently, but it didn’t seem to make us any less knowledgable.

iPad. Nothing to say except ‘I want one’. This is an extremely cynical attempt by a desperate woman to have some corporate reader contact me and ask me to review an iPad. So far I haven’t responded to people asking me to review products on my blog, that could change should an electronics company, like Apple, happen to email me begging me to try out the iPad and write a review. Of course they would insist I kept it afterwards, complete with all the apps.

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