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Thumb twiddling

Yes, that’s right, junior has still not put in an appearance. After the hustle and bustle of last Tuesday everything has gone very, very quiet. Tension has been mounting. It’s Mummy and Daddy are devoid of finger nails and this Nanny is certain that the grey will soon start to overcome the purple hair dye. After much agonising over how to approach the problem I rang the consultant clinic and discussed the situation with the lead midwife. She was as flummoxed as me and decided that the best way forward would be for the obstetrician to see DIL, which he did within 4 hours. A scan revealed that baby is head down, a doppler indicated that the placenta is still behaving in a healthy fashion, an internal examination showed that things were still as they were last week, ie the cervix is 5cms dilated, thin and stretchy and the baby’s head is still 3 cms above spines. The plan? Wait and see. DIL has another appointment in  a week at which point they will discuss induction of labour.

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