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Make your mind up

Dear unborn grandchild

I know I asked you to hang on yesterday but I did only mean until my clinic had finished. You are now disrupting your Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Sister’s,  Aunt’s, Grandad’s and my life with your stop, start behaviour so you really need to either settle down or to make more of an effort to come out and meet us all. Your Mummy is getting tired now as you have let her have very little sleep for the last 24 hours; your Daddy is attempting to work from home; and your sister is being driven around the county, by Grandad, to spend time with either your Aunt or me, whichever one of us isn’t working.

If you get a move on now it would be brilliant as, other than picking your cousin Amy up from school this afternoon, my schedule is free. However, if you continue to muck about I might just go into meltdown mode as tomorrow is exhausting Thursday when I look after Amy and her twin brothers. Juggling everything will be nigh on impossible, and will all fall to Grandad who has a bad back at the moment, I’m not even sure that logistically he can do it all, Amy, Evie and the boys on the school run, rather him than me!

So junior, tonight would be wonderful, even if we do miss our Wednesday curry. Tomorrow, please, please just have a rest. After that there is a clear run through until Monday but, if you come then I will not be there as I have an important hospital appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you,

lots and lots of love from

Nanny x

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