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All in a week

Sunday – My set-top box stopped working, not the end of the world unless you are an insomniac. I’m a cross little nocturnal creature recently ‘cos I thought that my sleepless nights were practically over. Yes, there would still be the odd night when sleep eluded me but on the whole I could visit the land of nod without too much travelling now the joy of a good nights kip has disappeared and so being able to flick through multiple channels went some way to ameliorate the frustration of missing out on some decent dreams.

Monday – Izzy was admitted to hospital with ‘an overwhelming infection’. For the previous 24 hours she had been running a temperature but then the screaming started. Clutching her tummy, saying her back was hurting and a temperature spiking into the 40’s. Blood tests, urine tests and chest X-Rays followed, pneumonia was finally diagnosed. Weird though as no cough.

Wednesday – I was rushing to get ready to go out, running late and wet hair. Grabbed my hairdryer, started using it and….bang, one defunct hairdryer.

Friday – Today I did 2 loads of washing, lovely drying weather so put it out on the line. Later I was standing at the kitchen sink, looked out of the window and after a few minutes realised that something was missing, the rotary washing line, complete with all the washing was no longer upright, it was reclining on the grass.

Saturday – I will be stuck in the hospital covering the drop-in clinic. Blow, blow, blow. It’s the Queen’s birthday and there will be the fly-past and I really love hearing and seeing it when they go over our house afterwards, and I’m going to miss it because I’m spending the day doing the part of my job I dislike the most, busy clinic 9am to 5pm with no break.

The set-top, hairdryer and clothes line have all been replaced, Izzy is back home, pale but recovering. Next grandchild has not appeared yet. Due to a difference in opinion over when babys due it could now be a week late, or there might still be two weeks to wait.

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