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I received an e-mail this week. NMC, RCM, NHS and Alan Johnson, I hope you all feel ashamed of yourselves. 

Hi, I’m really glad I found your blog. I’m a student midwife (ish) I wish
that someone would have told me beforehand that the midwifery you read about
isn’t the reality.
I think you often get glimpses of the midwifery you’d love to practice but
in reality…its paperwork, targets, interventions (did i mention
interventions?) Its like working on massive a conveyer belt in a factory
whilst jumping through hoops. which are on fire!
I’m on a 6 month break from the course after 2 years because I couldn’t cope
with the impossible situation I was put in and the complete lack of support
I am due to go back early next year, unsure whether I should. I dont see
anything changing now or in the future and its such a shame.
I love midwifery in its true form, so maybe if I can hang in there long
enough Ill get to see it one day, in some part of the world?
being a student feels like being a new mum! but really…’no one tells you
its going to be like this’ 🙂

best wishes,

disheartened student!

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