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Quick listings & links

People are contacting me via the link at the top, and I’m not sure what to do in some of the cases. I would love to advertise but, although I’d love some money, I want to have some integrity so I’m not going to put things in my toolbar thingy but I will post some of them if I think they will be of interest to readers.

Here goes then, in no particular order:-

  • From We Are Social – We have just launched a campaign called Open Up ( you can read more about it
    here: http://www.openupnow.org/) Its basic aim is to change the way MPs and
    Parliament operate and make the current system more democratic and open to
    the public (especially in light of the recent MPs’ expenses scandal.)


  • Childs i was founded by former Big Brother producer, Lucy Buck, and already
    has support from celebrities such as Life on Mars star, Philip Glenister.
    The foundation has introduced a ‘Buy a Brick’ online donation scheme,
    whereby the public can donate a virtual brick to help build homes for the
    abandoned babies. This helps people to understand how their donations are
    being spent and makes their generous giving much more tangible.The charity has also developed the ‘Child Abandonment Project’ to help mothers at risk of abandoning their babies, providing transitional homes and care and ensuring that every child grows up in a loving family. Childs i already has videos and blogs to communicate with supporters along with a Twitter feed. This helps to show people what a difference their support is making and impact it has on the people’s lives involved. For further information please visit http://www.childsifoundation.org/.


  • It’d be intriguing to know if bloggers and their readers out there were driven to their laptops by stress,
    or if it saved them from some awful fate! We’d love to hear your thoughts. www.powderroomgraffiti.com


  • In November, Next will be launching a competition to find two new 4-7 year
    olds to model in the Next Directory. The winners will be signed to highly
    respected agency Urban Angels, win a shopping spree at Next and appear in a
    spring Red magazine supplement. The competition will launch in Facebook on
    4th November when parents and guardians can upload photographs at

I love the Next one, they have even invited me to the launch. Unfortunately I have Amy that day and she has declined the opportunity to catch a train to London and have a fun day. Killjoy.


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