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So, having been unable to choose and book it all came back to the good old ‘they give you, or not’ , appointments system. That fell apart when they appointment offered, at a weeks notice, was for a Saturday when I was already booked on to an advanced life support study day. That was back at the beginning of September and as I have heard nothing from the London Teaching Hospital I phoned them today. Bearing in mind that the whole process has been going on since the beginning of July I had thought that apologies may be offered, I am such a numbskull and obviously inhabit an entirely different dimension to this sector of the NHS as no regrets were voiced, in fact the appointments clerk I spoke to was quite tetchy with me for presenting them with a problem. Yes, I am a problem since they have, in error, wiped me off their waiting list. The clerk admitted that they had made a mistake and then spoke to her line-manager whilst keeping me on hold for 10 minutes. This numbskull believed that when the clerk came back on the line it would be with the offer of an urgent appointment. I was worrying about if I would be able to make it, supposing that it were for a day when I was working, or I had the boys, or I was doing a school run or, worse of all, if it was during half-term when I’ve got Amy. I need not have troubled myself as I was told that  ‘ My line manager’s gut feeling is that you will have to go back to your G.P and ask for another referral to be done’. AAAAAAAH!!!!! Unfortunately I was less than happy with this solution to their mistake, and the appointments clerk was less than happy with my unhappiness. Her line manager is going to call me back, probably, at some time and tell me if his ‘gut feeling’ was right.

This whole saga has now turned into farce. A letter will be written and an explanation demanded, the system has got to be tightened up or entirely re-thought.

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