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Very busy at work at the moment, I blame it on the New Year celebrations!  The rumours are still keeping everyone on their toes, brows are furrowed, tongues are wagging and knees are trembling, whilst ears are flapping and teeth are gritted We should enter the World Gurning Competition.

Yesterday I ‘booked’ a young couple who have just gone onto the social housing waiting list. I was discussing the process with them and we got onto the topic of the list of available properties which the housing association publishes. I’ve had quite a number of families who have been going through this process so was passing on some tips about the necessity of acting the minute the list comes through the post when K explained that it had changed, it’s on-line now. I looked around their bedsit and noted the lack of a computer. ‘What happens if you don’t have internet access?’ I wondered. K said that she had told the housing officer that she didn’t have a computer, let alone a printer to hard-copy the list. The reply? You can access the site free at the library. Brilliant. How fair is that. Not at all if you work. K and her husband work, at the time that the list of properties is put on-line they will be earning a living. By the time that they can get to the library it will be too late as all other property seekers will have already expressed their interest to housing. This a wrong approach. All those who have a computer, and or who don’t work have an advantage over this couple who do work but still have limited finances.

The house next door to us is scheduled to be demolished, and a new one constructed. The next few weeks are going to be really interesting. The house is built entirely of asbestos sheets, even the roof is asbestos tiles and the house sits on the boundary. So far the developer has not asked us for access via our land, which they will definitely require but they have informed us that the demolition will start a week on Monday, half-term week. Wonderful, I’ve got the week off but there will be no lie ins for me as there will be plenty of machinery clanking and workmen exchanging pleasantries.

The asbestos concerns me. They can’t help but damage it as it is removed, that will release fibres and my home is only 8 feet away, with no barrier between the houses.

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