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Age discrimination

I have been scowled at today, so was my friend. Our grandsons, all aged just 2 were tutted about. Our crime was to go into Starbucks for a coffee and a chat after music makers. The local Starbucks is a large and irregularly shaped establishment, unlike the Costa Coffee, and this is why we chose it, we can go right to the back, around a corner and not disturb other patrons. Brilliant, our little area was empty, as was much of the cafe. The boys were also issued with instructions, no running, no throwing, no touching and stay next to the ‘Nannies’. After a while two middle-aged ladies came and sat about 15 feet away from our menagerie. The boys were doing what toddlers do, being quite noisy, nothing unpleasant, mainly giggling alot because they were playing peep-bo around the chairs within the area we had indicated to them. After a short while my friend caught my eye and indicated I should look over at the 2 women. Well, if looks could kill I would not be writing this. My initial reaction was to ask the boys to quieten down, but since my friend I were able to carry on a conversation without raising our voices I kept quiet. The next thing is that these two good ladies had vacated their seats, whilst shaking their heads at us and tutting at the boys, and moved to a different part of the cafe. At first I felt guilty but then the bolshie part came out. Hang on a minute, we were sitting there first, there were plenty of other tables they could have sat at but they chose to sit there. The boys were not being disruptive, they were not anywhere near them all they were doing was laughing and amusing themselves. At no time did they move anywhere near them, in fact they stayed in a corner with the width of the room, and friend and I, between our clan and the sour-faced old biddies (they were in fact younger than friend and I, but they were sour-faced).

It is ages since friend and I have ventured into a coffee shop, we have deliberately waited until we knew the boys could be controlled without tantrums and tear.  Today was a trial run, a hope that we can start doing social activities again. The boys all behaved brilliantly, friend and I couldn’t have hoped for more from them, but those 2 women have ruined the moment of normality for us.

So, the lesson for today is that if you are a grandmother, with toddlers, do not go anywhere, even late morning, where there may be ladies who coffee as coffee houses are obviously their domain.

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