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I’ve grumbled and grouched about Choose and Book and its failure to fulfil my expectations but today I have turned down an appointment they offered me, and I’m gutted. Why have I been so reckless and just thrown away my chance for a consultation? Well, they offered me an appointment which I really couldn’t accept.

Today, Saturday, early afternoon the phone rang and it was the hospital I was referred to telling me that they were running a catch-up clinic next Saturday and that they were offering me an appointment at it. B****r, b****r I can’t go as I’m scheduled to attend a NLS course that day and it would be more than my job’s worth not to attend it. Anything, well almost anything, else and I could/would have cancelled but being given a place on the NLS course is important both to me and my manager. When I told the person on the phone that I couldn’t accept the appointment, and then asked how long I would have to wait for another one, she was pretty non-committal. I’ve blown it, I know I have, I’m back to the bottom of the pile and will have to wait until I’ve retired for another chance at an appointment. Choice? What choice? It really was Hobson’s choice as there was no choice and no alternative was offered. 

I shall still go back to the essence of the Choose and Book concept though, the patient chooses the hospital and then books their appointment, not in my world. In my world the G.P decides on the hospital and then the hospital dispenses the appointment, pretty much how things were before Choose and Book!

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