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Impossible to forecast

My sister and I have decided to ‘take control’ of the visiting step-dad situation. Mum had been refusing to visit if we were not with her, she lives 5 – 10 minutes away from the hospital, as does my sister, I live an hours drive, minimum, away, my sister and I both work. Sister’s work had been very good allowing her huge flexibility, my work, after an initial response indicating that we were busy due to summer holidays so they were not happy to allow me time off, have responded to pressure from my colleagues and told me I don’t have to work this weekend although I did work my shifts during the week. This situation can’t continue though so, yesterday, my sister told Mum that we are risking ‘using up’ any goodwill from our our employers which may make it difficult if Ref’s worsens. That’s a ridiculous way to express things, his condition now is pretty close to not being able to get much worse without him dying, so I suppose that what I mean is if they tell us, again, that there are only hours left before he shuffles off his mortal coil. Thank heavens, Mum seems to have taken this on board and visited last night by herself, it’s me again today though.

Meanwhile, I haven’t seen a Grandchild in a week now, an unheard of situation. I usually care for the twins on Wednesday and Thursday but, due to the grim news on Tuesday indicating that Ref was going to die very shortly, their Daddy had to have one day off and their Auntie had to look after them the other. It’s like ripples emanating out from Ref’s hospital bed, Mum was initially hit by a tsunami, sister and myself experienced a freak wave, we are now all in the ‘perfect storm’ and those around us are in a heavy swell. In this situation the predictions about how events will unfold are even more unreliable than weather forecasts.


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