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Still waiting

First I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has left kind comments about my step-father’s accident and the resulting injury.

We visited today hoping to see an improvement, however slight, unfortunately his condition today was the same, possibly worse. At least yesterday he did appear to be aware that people were there, today there was zero response to noise or touch. They are using the Glasgow Coma Scale to assess his level of consciousness, being generous it is around 10 by their assessment, when I do it I can’t give him more than 9. Whatever, his condition is stable and the blood has stopped leaking from his ear. He is still in a neck brace, even though a scan has not shown any damage, but the ortho guys are reluctant to remove it until he can tell them if he has any pain, apparently there is a 1% chance that the scan fails to show damage. I had another long chat with the doc on ITU, who is as disappointed as we are that there are no positive signs, but was at pains to emphasise that if there is to be any recovery it may take weeks as opposed to days. I won’t be able to visit now for 4 days, hopefully when I see him again I will feel more positive.

Mum is odd, but there again she is a strange person anyway. She is a retired midwifery tutor who prides herself on, and flaunts, her ability to diagnose, prescribe treatment and take control. (Take this as you will but I have frequently considered that she may have Munchausen by proxy). You would imagine that in this situation a loving wife would be constantly in attendance, not the case here though, slightest opportunity and she’s off and away. Perhaps it’s too difficult, on an ITU, for her to be in control given the one to one nursing and the complexity of the monitors and electrical equipment. Enough of that b******g as on Thursday we will be celebrating her 80th birthday, obviously this will be a rather subdued celebration, in fact it is just going to be my sister and I taking Mum out for a meal, but we do have to mark such a major birthday.

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