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A waiting game

I’ve spent the majority of today in an ITU as my 87 year old step-father has a serious head injury as a result of being run over by a reversing car. Apparently the car was being reversed off a drive, the driver failed to see my step-dad who was out walking the dog, he thought that something has fallen over in the boot, until his son looked in the mirror and saw a man lying in the road. On admission my step-dad was conscious, but confused and irritable, bleeding from his nose and ears with a laceration on the back of his head. He was then heavily sedated, intubated and a CT scan was undertaken, it showed a large, sub-dural bleed. Following this they shared the image with a centre specialising in head injuries, who confirmed their interpretation but wanted Ref to be woken up so his condition could be assessed before a decision was made regarding transfer. He was ‘woken’ up, he is now conscious, but not responsive but he is breathing unaided. I had a long chat on the phone with the neurosurgeon at the tertiary referral unit, he explained everything and explained that they would rather not operate due to the size of the bleed, apparently that will be as dangerous as leaving the bleed there.

It’s just a waiting game now to see how much brain function, if any, is recovered.

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