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Day of celebrations

10am – civil wedding at Registry Office (15 miles away) just daughter, her partner, me, Hubby and son, he gatecrashed as it was only supposed to be the 4 of us. The bride wore a fetching ensemble of distressed jeans and cream sweatshirt, whilst the groom wore the male equivalent. It was pouring with rain but the extremely basic ceremony was anything but dull as all involved, including the registrar and the superintendent, laughed their way through it all. The two officials were lovely, really friendly and insisted on taking loads of photo’s. Hubby and I then rushed home, calling in at the other wedding venue on the way to check that all the preparations were on schedule and drop off the lunch boxes I had made up for the children, and then got changed out of our casual attire.

12.45pm – Arrived at the Catholic Church, 25 miles away, for Jack and Izzy’s baptism. Jack was perfect, took it all very seriously, Izzy was fine until the priest poured the water over her head at which point she protested, loudly. Hubby and I had travelled in separate cars as I was going back to the wedding/reception venue whist he was transporting the bride, bridesmaid and flower girls to our house for them to get ready for the next part of the day.

2pm – Arrived at the next venue, 18 miles from the last one, welcomed all the guests, decorated the trees, it had stopped raining and then helped SIL with ‘the boys’ as their Mummy was the bridesmaid.

3pm –  The bride arrived and Hubby escorted her to the edge of the woods (the ground was too wet for the original plan of having the ceremony in the woods) and the humanist ceremony took place. It was lovely, exactly what they wanted with all their friends and family joining in and loads of children racing around enjoying themselves and not irritating anyone as this was a far from solemn ceremony.  Outside there were toddler climbing frames, swings and slides, plus a bouncy castle, and inside there was face painting, so plenty to keep the rugrats amused. The food was great, especially considering the last minute change from bbq to buffet and everyone appeared to have a good time, it was like a huge family party.

7pm – All children had to leave so I took Jack and Izzy back to our house, 7 miles. When we got back I gave them a quick snack, bathed them, read them several stories, changed the Mother of the Bride outfit for one I could have a good dance in.

9pm – Left the baby-sitter with a list of phone numbers and returned to the evening celebrations.

1am – SIL drove me and an inebriated Hubby and BIL back to our house, they were staying the night and she was not drinking as she is on antibiotics.

2am – We turned in for the night.

3am – Izzy woke.

Sunday – Soooo tired!

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