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No heartbeat

Horrid, horrid. When a woman discovers that she is pregnant she fills in a form at the G.P’s surgery, which I pick up, print off labels, fill in scan requests, and then, when she is about 8 – 10 weeks pregnant, I phone her to arrange a home visit to ‘book’ her. This evening I phoned K to arrange her booking  appointment for the weekend. K had a baby 15 months ago so we know each other, I ended up leaving a message on her voicemail giving her my home number. I am not about to turn on my work mobile as I’m officially on holiday until Saturday and I know that if I do switch it on it will tell me that I have voicemail and I will feel that I have to deal with the messages! Anyway, K phoned me back later and told me that tomorrow she is going in to hospital for an ERPC ( Evacuation of retained products of conception), she has suffered a missed miscarriage. On Friday she went for a scan, a ‘reassurance scan’ as she had suffered 2 previous missed miscarriages, and they discovered that the baby had died. So, so sad when that happens, it happened to one of my daughters at 16 weeks and it was awful, seeing the baby but no heartbeat and then having to wait to go and have it removed. K and I talked for a while, obviously she was terribly upset and me phoning her to arrange her booking had not helped at all. Horrid for me, so distressing for her.  We have agreed that if/when she becomes pregnant again she won’t fill in a form, the G.P will arrange her ‘reassurance scan’, and she will phone me to arrange her booking appointment if the scan is reassuring.

I wish that I could make this arrangement for all my newly pregnant women, but it would be impossible. Lots of reasons for that, timings of calls, my location and the location of my diary etc. but mainly it’s that a offering a reassurance scan for every woman would put an impossible strain on our scanning department, there are not enough ultrasonographers or machines, I really wish that there were though.

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