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I live in North Lanarkshire Scotland. When i went for my 16 week midwife appointment she told me they don’t do 20week scans for all pregnancy. But i was worried as before i fell pregnant i was in the middle of investigations for my fibroids.which are large and where causing me alot of pain.

so i decided to go for a private scan just to make sure. and was told my placenta was patially covering the cervix.(i know it is common and most do move up) but im not sure if that could have something to do with fibroids.and if the placenta is able to move.  i know i have less room in there than most woman. so i was told to ask for another scan at hospital to check. but i’ve not had an appointment through.midwife doesn’t seem to care about it really. which upsets me as im worried

This week I had a comment from a worried, pregnant woman in Scotland left on my Vasa Previa post, I responded and she then e-mailed me with the above information. The element of her comment which initially caused me disbelief was the fact that she had not been offered a 20 week, anomaly scan, on the NHS, she had to pay for a private one. Now, as far as I was concerned every pregnant woman in the UK is offered an anomaly scan, in fact the NHS choices website states that it is offered to all women but then a deeper look at NHS websites reveals The NHS Screening Programmes site and their page ‘What is Fetal Anomaly’. On this page it states that  ”As part of the NHS Fetal Anomaly screening programme, all women in England should be offered a minimum of 2 ultrasound scans”, it also links to the NICE clinical guidelines for antenatal care (March 2008). I was ignorant, I believed that NICE and NHS Choices covered the whole of the UK but it doesn’t, only England and Wales are subject to their ‘recommendations’ and information, not Scotland. That very nearly saw the end of my outrage at the poor implementation in Scotland of NHS recommendations and assurances but then I found a little snippet from the NHS Quality Improvement in Scotland who advertise that they “Raise Healthcare Standards”. They made a recommendation back in February 2004, and their recommendation is  That “Following an extensive review of the evidence on the use of ultrasound scanning in pregnancy, NHS QIS advises that a second (‘anomaly’) scan should be offered to women during their second trimester, at between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.” 5 years ago NHS Scotland were advised that all pregnant women should be having an anomaly scan but 5 years on a quick Google of Anomaly scan + Scotland shows that it is not happening and if you visit the website of the hospital that my commentator is having her baby at they advise that they provide a scan to find out how many weeks pregnant a woman is, nothing more. They are proud to reveal that they have a new maternity unit,opened in 2001 which provides a ‘fairly unique approach to inpatient care’ but I’m sure that the parents of the 5,500 babies they deliver each year would probably rather less of the ‘unique approach and more of the ‘evidence based recommendations’.

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