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This last week has been one of those where perpetual motion would not be a bad description. Lots happening –

  • Work very busy, and full of poor examples of ‘team’ working. Midwives are normal human beings and, especially at times of stress, will behave like school kids. All it takes is for 2 people to have a minor misunderstanding, not solve it by talking, and soon others are dragged in, as they are affected by others actions. Presently I have managed to remain on the periphery, a midwife from another team asked me today if I was wearing body armour! Just about sums up the working environment at the moment.
  • Jack and Izzy’s Mummy has been under the weather recently so I took them off her hands on Sunday so she could sleep. I was a very, very naughty Nanny and took them out for the most unhealthy meal……..ever. Hamburgers and chips, chocolate milkshake, pancakes, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and flakes and, just for good measure, the waitress gave them each a lolly for eating all their lunch. We then went to the park and ran off as much of the excess sugar we could. On our return their Mummy felt a little better but then that night her head ‘exploded’. She phoned NHS direct, her partner had to take the phone from her as she couldn’t speak properly. They told him to contact the on-call docs, who just told him to take her to A&E if her breathing was affected. I can only think they were anticipating an embolism of some description. By the morning her face was numb, she was still unable to form words and sitting up caused an escalation of her headache. She visited her G.P who took her blood pressure and pulse, tried to The G.P put the headache down to a continued problem from the whiplash sustained back in September.
  • Hubby went off for a golfing weekend, I pottered. Sorted out earrings, cleaned jewellery, moved my leaf-store, reduced my wardrobe, and recycled it via the local charity shops. Caught up, again, with all my stats, tidied out my car and checked my on-call bag, then went out for a meal with all the other golf-widows.
  • Set up my new printer/scanner/copier.
  • Son’s ileostomy blocked on Sunday night so he, DIL and Evie all came to us on Monday. He went to bed, we went out for a walk and on the way bought a carpet washer! Then Amy came around, her Mummy had offered her a visit to the local, open farm but Amy declined ‘ I don’t want to go to the farm, or the zoo, I’m going to my Nanny’s’, so she did. We painted the ornamental cat as he was showing signs of weather damage, rather than black he was grey and green. He has been reclining by the pond for several years now, I like to think he was a deterrent to the heron but since said heron took all my fish last week his scare abilities were obviously failing, or the heron has become wise to his immobility.

Gosh, now I’ve written it down it really doesn’t seem that busy, but it seemed it at the time then, just to make my day my elderly washing machine declined to rotate this evening. Hubby, who is not an engineer, and definitely NOT a washing machine engineer decided that he could fix it, wrong, so, so wrong. It may have helped if he even knew how to switch it on, let alone know where in different programmes the machine should agitate. Via the grapevine my ex-BIL heard of the demise of my washing-machine and he e-mailed me with an offer too good to gracefully decline. If I wasn’t married, and he wasn’t about to tie the knot I would propose, he has rescued me and my computer on numerous occasions and now he has solved my laundry issue. God bless the man.

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