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Good Day

Oh how I wish that everyday could be like today. The weather has been mild and dry and I have been able to spend all day in my garden. My spirits are high and I feel that I have spent the day being super, super productive. I’ve raked the grass, drastically pruned various shrubs, de-weeded the flower beds, ensured that the fencing around the pond is strong enough to withstand the twin’s attention and entertained 5 grandchildren, 2 daughters, 1 mother, 1 step-father and one extremely pleasant man from Aus, no idea who he was! I think that he is a distant relation to step-father, I felt very sorry for him as he has been staying with Mum, who is totally bonkers. Not bonkers in a jovial, amusing way but quite outspoken, overbearing and insulting to those unfortunate enough to pass within commenting distance. Anyway, whoever Aus man was he was treated to my Mother conducting a guided tour of our house, poor man must have incredibly embarrassed, but he coped terribly well, making all the right noises about how lovely my house and garden are and expressing disbelief at me having 6 grandchildren. It was shortly after this that 5 of them came flooding in, some through the front door, others via the back gate, all squealing and then just standing, silently staring at this exotic, sun-glass toting male who was commandeering Nanny’s attention. Izzy broke the spell by announcing that she needed a poo, and that Nanny had to take her to the toilet. Aus man left shortly afterwards.

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