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Spare time

Did I mention a wedding we were going to? I can’t remember. If I did it would have been because of Hubby’s reaction to the dress that I had purchased for the occasion. Nice little ‘frock’ (the name Hubby uses to describe any apparel combining a top and skirt), or so I thought,  from Next, calf length, 3/4 sleeves, black and cream in colour, tasteful. Not as far as my dearly beloved was concerned. ‘It’s horrible, you look awful in it’. Now he never, ever comments on what I’m wearing, unless prompted, so for him to voice an opinion shocked me and ensured that my new dress would never leave my wardrobe, except to be returned to the shop.  By being extremely judicious with time planning I managed to fit in another trip to the shops and bought myself another dress, but this time plus jacket and shoes, that cheered me up!

The wedding on Saturday was lovely. Why do I always cry at nuptials, conditioned response perhaps?

Sunday we went to my Sister’s for lunch and, just to prove that she can, she cooked. I could fib here and say that it was terrible, it wasn’t, in fact it was lovely, there was a price to pay though. I seem to have been nominated to host my Mother’s 80th birthday party, blow, blow and thrice blow. My niece was there and was saying how much my blog makes her laugh, especially my menopause entries. See, that’s just what I’m trying to get across, the change is either seen as good material for comedians or something to hide under the carpet, it’s not, not to the woman who’s going through it. Anyway, she insisted on reading one of my ‘The Change’ entries to Hubby, who has never read my blog. At the time  was mortified, it’s one thing writing an on-line diary, divulging thoughts and feelings to a computer screen, it’s another thing entirely hearing someone reading it to your nearest and dearest. I do have to say though that Hubby became quiet afterwards, perhaps it gave him food for thought or, he now thinks that I am totally neurotic and is busy hiding all the knives and paracetamol.

Today has been a lovely day. The tree surgeons came and cut down one of two giant leylandii which were taller than our house, and then reduced the other one to 10ft. Amy came and spent the day with Nanny and Grandad, she was fascinated by the tree surgeons but decided that they aren’t as brave as her Daddy. The weather was glorious so we sent much of the day outside, which was lovely. We gardened, spread some grass seed, watched the frogs in the pond and played with the sand table, just what I needed to unwind.

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