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Family time

Today was the family meal in honour of son’s 30th birthday. We have broken with tradition and, rather than having a ‘sit down’ meal, we had a buffet. The problem with the traditional meal is not the fact that there are 8 adults and 6 children, it’s the ages of the children. Amy and Jack, 3 and 4, sit and eat well with the adults but Izzy, 2, and the boys, 18 months, soon get fed-up with the protracted nature of a family meal. Add 4 month old Evie to the mix, she is guaranteed to want feeding as soon as her Mummy sits down, and the whole experience is chaotic and exhausting. I’m not too sure that a buffet was much better, for the adults. The children had a whale of a time. Jack dressed as a pirate, Amy as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Izzy a pretty, pink fairy raced around creating absolute mayhem. Evie was totally mesmerised by the constant movement and sounds emanating from her cousins and it was lovely to watch her becoming so excited and attempting to vocalise with them, boy has she got a loud voice!
In the midst of all the family pandemonium Jack and Izzy’s Mummy and Daddy made a surprise announcement, Hubby responded by spilling red wine over our oatmeal coloured carpet. Whilst I rushed off to get the salt son dripped white wine onto the spill, our mixed-up approach to stain removal worked, thank heavens, but did rather detract from daughter and SIL’s news.
This last year has been quite a monumental one for son. He got married, became seriously ill, lost over 4 stone in weght, had a major operaton, became a Daddy and put the 4 stone back on. Lets just hope that his 31st year won’t be quite as eventful as hs 30th!

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