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Midwife aka ‘the stig’

It’s official, midwives are not the same as other people. How have I arrived at this conclusion, well my day has offered several incidents which support this assertion.

  • Checking local websites I discovered that county had issued a guidance to schools that, due to the adverse weather and dangerous driving conditions, all schools should remain closed. So it’s not advisable for parents and teachers to drive.
  • Arriving at the G.P’s surgery I found that all their surgeries had been cancelled, as had the practice nurses clinic. Mine wasn’t.
  • Phoning my manager to see the situation viz a vie call-outs I was told that if I am called out to a homebirth, and I consider the roads to be dangerous, then I would be transported by the police. (That gets me there but I can’t see the police being too happy about picking me back up following the birth, transporting me to the hospital to complete the notes/computer and then returning me home!)
  • Having got several blood samples to get to the main unit because the service which normally collects from the G.P surgery wasn’t working due to the adverse road conditions, I drove to the local hospital to drop them at phlebotomy, but they weren’t working ‘due to the weather’. Not worried I tracked down a porter and asked where I should leave the samples for the inter-hospital transport. Guess what, they weren’t working because the roads were too dangerous. I stood there and explained that the samples needed to get there today and the porter told me I should take them myself. So, roads too dangerous for the people employed to transport specimens, officially entitled ‘drivers’, but safe for a midwife. Oh well, it was only an extra 20 miles in addition to my home visits.

I am now congratulating myself on being such a superwoman, I go where others fear to skid.


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