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The bright side

We are back, the sun was really shining upon us. Daughters, both in Majorca, were delayed by 36 hours and then returned to a different airport, we were in Tenerife and were delayed by just 30 minutes. Luck just about sums up our holiday. We took pot luck on the accomodation and were rewarded with a huge apartment in a wonderful aparthotel. I left Hubby’s rucksack outside the airport at Tenerife and the next day a wonderful man bought it to us, how amazing is that? He had noticed the bag sitting there by the entrance doors, looked inside it, found one of Hubby’s company pens and the remnants of my boarding pass, searched for the company on the web, phoned the number and ‘bobs your uncle’,  my faith in mankind has been re-affirmed by this good samaritan.

The weather was just what the doctor ordered, sunny and warm. We did nothing other than sleep, sun-bathe, swim, walk and eat and that’s what made it so wonderful, no time constraints or commitments, just ‘us’ time. Usually we hire a car and spend half our time ‘exploring’, not this holiday though, total relaxation was what I was hopng for and that was what I got. I suspect that Hubby had an ulterior motive, doing very little is cheaper than hiring a car and, since it had only taken us a few hours to realise that the credit crunch and the falling pound against the euro was going to mean that this year was going to be quite a lot more expensive than last, any economies would be welcome.

Back to the washing now. Taking the daughters out tomorrow to celebrate our safe return, then normality returns on Thursday.

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