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Brave New World?


I’ve been exploring. I have lots of trouble manoeuvring, I’m constantly bumping into objects, flying over the sea is a bit of a worry and I’ve found a couple of places where there are some very strange activities but it’s keeping me amused. Where have I been? Second Life.

A midwife educator in New Zealand, Sarah Stewart, has been talking about Midwives and Second Life for some time now but her latest entry had me intrigued enough to join second life and find out about the midwifery simulations and learning opportunities. So far I have found the postpartum haemorrhage scenario, unfortunately it was locked, but I shall try and find out how to access it and also see what else is on offer.

A fun part of my new place is creating my Avatar. Being an honest sort I have tried to be truthful about my appearance, as a result I am the only ‘resident’ who is dumpy, has no clothes sense and is constantly having a bad hair day but at least I am unique! You can alter your appearance but I have found that to change from a skirt to trousers you have to take your clothes off.  The first time I did this I just abandoned the skirt, under a bridge, about 15 minutes later it was recovered by some kind character and put somewhere safe, I have yet to find it again. As I am extremely modest about public appearances wearing anything less than 2 layers of clothing I have to find somewhere secluded to disrobe, a lift at the university made a good transformation hiding place yesterday, I do have to say that I was somewhat concerned that someone would ‘fly’, or teleport in, but no one interrupted my modifications.

Teleporting off now. If I do find any interesting places I shall update.

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