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Last week I was flitting around the web and somewhere I read that an antenatal appointment with an NHS midwife costs £60. My reaction was predictable really, I ranted along the lines of ‘ How on earth have they come to that? The appointment only lasts 15 minutes. I only earn that in 4 hours’. etc, mingled with indignation and disbelief.

In my blog I have often grumbled about all the paperwork that I have to complete, much of this form-filling is generated courtesy of the PCT requiring community midwives to itemise antenatal encounters with women. It’s all to do with PbR, or in the case of community midwifery non-PbR activity i.e midwifery-led clinics, midwifery care in women’s home, parentcraft. I have been intrigued to discover that there is differentiation of cost between an antenatal appointment for a woman under midwife-led care and one who is registered as being under consultant-care, even when both encounters take place solely with a midwife in a G.P’s surgery, for the first the cost is £55, for the second it is £66. Why the difference? I can only assume it is because there is a consultant obstetricians name on the notes (not that s/he would carry any responsibility if the midwife made a mistake).

Anyway, I found this interesting, informative explanation of PbR and Maternity Services by Dr Suzanne Tyler for the Healthcare Commission, it can also be found here with slightly different information. It details the tariffs for different aspects of maternity care, from this I should have some idea of what a midwife is worth, £220 per hour apparently. Gosh, I should be rich.


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