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The twins, Jamie and Louis have been the proud possessors of amber teething necklaces for about 5 months now and have both worn them continuously. Daughter has been non-committal about their effectiveness but, when I have suggested that one of the boys stops wearing his surfer-dude accessory, she has proclaimed ‘This is my life you are talking about – no!’  Shame really,as I thought it would be a good way of having a ‘micro-controlled trial’ after all they are identical twins.

Anyway, two weeks ago Jamie developed a rash over much of his body, including his neck and because she was concerned that the necklace may be exacerbating it daughter took the necklace off Jamie but left Louis in place. It stayed off for a week and a half, meanwhile both boys started teething, within 2 days Jamie’s bottom was so sore that the skin was breaking, Louis’ posterior was fine. Jamie’s necklace was put back on, within 24 hours his bottom was clearing-up and now it is fine and peachy again. Daughter’s verdict? The amber necklaces work, she is going to recommend them to everyone and even bought one for Evie’s stocking.


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