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Wasting money

Just a couple of issues winding me up at the moment

  • The Olympics – 2012

Why are we celebrating the fact that we are expending billions of pounds, which we can ill-afford, on this totally OTT event? I’m all for having a frugal games. Lets go back to basics, to a time when the competitors were all amateurs, when the public purse was not used for supporting a few privileged people to spend time doing something they enjoy and, whilst I’m being an old killjoy, the National Lottery. I’m sorry but I thought this was to be used to fund good causes. Now, to me a good cause would be improving care for the elderly, the terminally ill, and a multitude of other areas and not for pouring money into the bottomless pit of the 2012 Olympics.

  • Prescription charges and PCT’s instructing G.P’s not to give out prescriptions for more than a 2 months supply.

Why are the English paying more than the Scots and the Welsh for their prescriptions? NHS – NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE. If  Hubby took his prescription into a pharmacy in Wales to have it filled would he be charged?

I have a condition which entitles me to exemption from prescription charges, I will be on medication for the rest of my life, if I don’t take my tablets I will, eventually, die. My G.P used to provide me with a prescription for a 3 months supply, now he is only able to provide one for 2 months. Apparently the PCT have advised the surgeries that millions of pounds are being wasted by people not using the medication dispensed. I can empathise with the PCT’s concern over this waste of money, I can appreciate why they may instruct G.P’s to minimise their prescribing, however, I will only stop taking my tablets when I die and if the dosage is adjusted it will only ever increase, I will not be wasting any pills, unless I die unexpectedly and/or prematurely.

For me this reduction in repeat prescription length is inconvenient, for those having to pay the prescription charge it is a 50% increase in their expenditure.  In the same way as I applaud the PCT’s attempts to minimise waste I also have to congratulate them on increasing, so stealthily, the amount Joe Public is paying for a benefit which is free in another part of our nation. 


Happy Christmas to all


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