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I am seriously considering whether I should continue my blog in it present form due to this ‘reminder’ from the NMC.

“The NMC would like to remind nurses and midwives that they are personally accountable for their actions at all times, including how they behave in their personal life”, gosh, it’s almost as if had taken some kind of vow when I qualified. I can actually dismiss that element as irrelevant if they are referring to illegal activities, however they should perhaps of been more explicit as there are many aspects of some peoples personal lives which others may not find professional, or just plain not approve of but they may not affect a persons competency.

“What may be considered to be letting off steam about a situation at work can potentially be read by someone who may take offence at the content of a posting.” Who may that someone be? The Secretary of State for Health; a Trust Chairperson; a unit manager perhaps.

 “Nurses and midwives could be putting their registration at risk if posting inappropriate comments about colleagues or patients or posting any material that could be considered explicit.”  Explicit? In what way. Full frontal nudity perhaps or do they mean failing to maintain confidentiality?

I am really in quite a quandary here. I started my first blog when I was first entering into the new experience of being a grandmother, with emphasis on how it impacted on me as a midwife. I soon discovered that people are very interested in midwifery, pregnancy and birth so began including entries about different aspects of my working life, in part to share but also to educate ( how presumptuous!). Now I am concerned that I may be on a collision course with my regulatory body, I may be considered to be ‘inappropriate’. I would really welcome some advise here, any supervisors out there who would care to comment, PLEASE do.

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