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Just when I thought everything was under control off it all goes again. I ended up deciding not to take the Clonidine, the side-effects appeared to negate any possible benefit and it seemed as if my decision had been the right one as ALL my symptoms disappeared completely. I had been feeling very pleased with myself, I had made the transition into being postmenopausal without too much trauma, silly me, I hadn’t read the small print, a woman is not postmenopausal until she has been menses free for a year.

There I was sleeping really well, even my restless legs had calmed down. I didn’t have to worry about what I wore, I could dress for the weather and not for the possibility of having to to shed layers of clothing. I was feeling quite positive and then it happened, the tingling started, the temperature rose and the sweating began. I dismissed it, after all I did have the latest virus which was doing the rounds. I awoke during the night, hot and hotter. A nasty headache came, and stayed. I dosed myself up with paracetamol, to no avail. My clothes stopped feeling loose, I couldn’t sleep on my front because my breasts were so sore and a period started.

I feel like I’m laying some cruel version of snakes and ladders, I had climbed that huge ladder which sits in the middle of the board, moved calmly along a few spaces and then, with that final throw of the dice, I find myself sliding right back down again into that maelstrom which is the menopause.

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