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Day 25

The transformation is amazing. Son may not have regained any weight, despite eating mega amounts of hi-cal, low fibre junk food, but he just looks, and feels, so well. He saw his UC consultant on Tuesday who declared herself pleased with his progress and will not be seeing him for 6 months as Son is no longer her concern since his ulcerative colitis has been chopped out. He does have an appointment to see the surgical team in 2 weeks, I’m not sure if that is just to assess his recovery from the surgery or whether it will also be to discuss if/how/when with regard to the ‘take-down’ surgery. Son and stoma appear to have reached a good working relationship with few of the initial problems with blockages. He is discovering by trial and error which foods to avoid, the list is shrinking daily and which ones cause the fewer issues. His wound infection has almost cleared up entirely and he reports that it causes him virtually no discomfort at all. Certainly he is now practically fully able to do any tasks he sets himself, even mowing their (small) lawn which he did the other day. He has not yet started driving but even that should be possible in another week. We withdrew nearly all the extra running around for them in the middle of the week, I think they were desperate to start being a little family and living their own lives!

DIL is not as free of discomfort as she would like, during the birth her coccyx was displaced, and she is still extremely tender in that area, luckily I still had my wedge cushion from when I fell on my derriere during the snow, and this has been helping slightly with sitting (ouch!!!!). Evie breastfeeds wonderfully, has lost hardly any weight and has, at last, decided that it is possible to sleep in a crib.


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